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Model No:.  TVVB

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Model No:. TVVB

Product introduction
TVVB is a group arrangement after the insulated wire core is twisted. Flat elevator cable is the most widely demanded universal product in the market. This product has good quality, long service life and affordable price, and has been deeply trusted by customers. The conductor is made of multiple strands of finely twisted oxygen-free copper wire, with strong flexibility. Modified flexible and environmentally friendly PVC material insulation, oil resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, high mechanical strength, excellent chemical stability and dielectric properties, good product performance, and safe use.

Product manual
1. During normal use, the maximum temperature of the conductor is 70°C. The product is usually not suitable for use below 0°C. When the temperature is lower than 0°C, it can be resolved through negotiation between the buyer and the manufacturer, and the design and manufacture are carried out according to the customer's technical requirements and usage conditions.
2. TVVB series cables are intended to be used for elevators and lifts with free hanging length not exceeding 80m and moving speed not exceeding about 4m/s. Load bearing elements (such as wire ropes). Elevator cables with increased load-bearing parts are scheduled to be installed in elevators and lifts with free hanging lengths greater than 80m and moving speeds not exceeding 10m/s.
3. The insulated wire cores of the cable are numbered and placed in parallel, the cable structure is soft, the laying and installation are convenient, and the same specifications and sizes can be designed and improved according to the needs of customers.
4. The rated voltage of the elevator cable is 300/500V for the core wire with a nominal cross-section of 1mm and below, and 450/750V for the core wire cross-section above 1mm.

Product Usage
It is suitable for installation in elevator equipment, as an equipment connection wire, and can also be used in elevators and other lifting and similar lifting systems.

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