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Model No:.  YVFB

Copper core PVC insulated nitrile PVC composite sheathed flat cable. Y: mobile cable; V: PVC insulation; F: nitrile sheath; B: flat cable.

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Model No:. YVFB

Product manual
1. The flat structure of the flat cable is especially suitable for occasions with frequent bending, and it is not easy to be kinked, such as cranes, cranes, etc.
2. The conductive core of the flat cable adopts a soft structure to ensure good flexibility of the cable.
3. The flat cable insulation and protective layer are made of butyl polymer, which improves the cable's softness and anti-corrosion and cold-resistant properties. Insulated wire cores are color-separated to provide convenience for laying and installation.

Product Usage
Suitable for power and control systems, cables can be installed on cable tracks, handlers, transport systems, cranes, cranes, etc. The cable is suitable for severe bending and reciprocating motion and can withstand moderate stress. The cable can be installed in dry and humid indoors and in the open air. It can adapt to harsh climates and maintain good flexibility at -25~85 degrees.

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